Dragon Ball Super Shares Sneak Peek at Chapter 65

Dragon Ball Super has shared a sneak peek into Chapter 65 of the series! Dragon Ball Super's next chapter is releasing in a little over a week from the time of this writing, and fans are curious as to where the fight between Goku and Planet Eater Moro will be going next. With Goku now unlocking a perfected version of Ultra Instinct thanks to Merus' sacrifice buying him time to heal, now he's got complete control over the rest of the fight...but is that going to be the kind of fight Goku wants?

When he launched his first real flurry with Ultra Instinct against Moro, the villain was totally defeated and completely taken by surprise. The last few pages of Chapter 64 even had Moro asking Goku to spare him, and fans know all too well about how Goku feels about situations just like this. He's always about a fair and challenging fight, not a one-sided beat down.

That's what makes the first few pages of the next chapter so interesting. Dragon Ball Super has shared the first few draft pages from the next chapter of the series, titled "The Earthling, Son Goku," and they tease Goku's next move when Moro asks to be spared by Goku. You can check them out below as spotted by @DBSChronicles on Twitter:

The first few pages confirm Beerus' worst fears as Goku seems to have indeed pulled Moro out of the rubble he was buried under at the end of Chapter 64. Instead of dealing what could have been the final blow, instead Goku seems to have the idea to use the Senzu Beans to bring Moro back to his full power. But as fans have seen in the past, Goku indeed has mercy but he's also not a complete idiot. Maybe he's only doing this to continue testing his Ultra Instinct against an opponent who can take it? We'll see for sure when the chapter officially releases!

Are you excited to see what's to come in Dragon Ball Super's next chapter? How do you feel about these first few pages? What are you hoping to see next in the fight between Ultra Instinct Perfected Goku and Planet Eater Moro? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!