Hilarious Dragon Ball Cosplay Gives Super Saiyan God Goku a Low Cost Makeover

Dragon Ball Super opened up Akira Toriyama's franchise to a whole new multiverse of potential adventures and fights, but one of the biggest ways it truly opened up things was with the introduction of a godly new level of the Super Saiyan transformation. The very first conflict in the series brought a brand new foe to Earth in the search of a challenge from the Super Saiyan God, and Goku eventually worked his way around to meeting this challenge thanks to the help from the other Saiyans of Earth. Leading to the debut of one of the biggest shake ups in the franchise to that point.

Not only was it a major shake up due to Goku reaching a godly new level of power that couldn't even be tracked by the other ki reading characters, but it was a major shake up in the visuals for the Super Saiyan transformation too. Super Saiyan God looked dramatically different than the other transformations, and its stark red aura made Goku look the coolest he had been in quite a long time (quite literally given that the series had been gone for so long).

Nw it's gotten a much different look as artist Low Cost Cosplay (who you can find more work from on Instagram here) put a much more hilarious spin on Super Saiyan God Goku than you would ever expect. Replacing Goku's red spikes with slices of watermelon, it's sure a unique way to bring such a significant form to life. Check it out below:

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Low Cost Cosplay has impressed with a number of hilarious takes on Goku's forms in the past with Super Saiyan 3, Ultra Instinct, and Super Saiyan Blue, and even shared one hilarious look for Beerus and Whis. But this hilarious take on Super Saiyan God is definitely one of the major standouts as now Goku has gotten a much different look for this red form.

What did you think of Super Saiyan God's debut in Dragon Ball Super? Who has the better version of the form, Goku, Vegeta or Future Trunks? Where does Super Saiyan God rank among your favorite Super Saiyan forms? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!