'Dragon Ball' Artist Inserts Vegeta and More into 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate'

This week, gaming fans were given a big gift by the folks at Nintendo. The world learned Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and it will do with a full roster of characters. And, thanks to one artist, fans can picture how Dragon Ball might have fit into the title.

So, if you ever wanted to know what a Freeza-infused Kirby looks like, you can thank Dragon Garow Lee for the surprise.

Over on Twitter, the Dragon Ball artist went live with a piece of artwork honoring the new Super Smash Bros. announcement. Lee, who did artwork for Dragon Ball’s latest spin-off manga, wanted to show fans what it would look like if Freeza and Vegeta entered the virtual ring.

As you can see above, the first sketch shows Freeza getting his butt handed to him by Link. The Hyrule hero is dressed in his usual armor, and he’s not taking anything from the Dragon Ball baddie. In fact, Freeza has already accumulated 178 damage points, and Kirby is about to wreck him even further. After all, the cutesy character did absorb the villain’s power, and Kirby is ready to test out his own energy blasts.

Of course, Vegeta fares much better in his fight. As you can see, the Saiyan all but obliterates Warior when the two spar about of Capsule Corps. Vegeta has a meager 17 damage points while Wario is pushing 140. So, here’s to hoping the Dragon Ball fighter takes out Warior with one well-time Galick Gun just to be safe.

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