Dragon Ball Super: Superhero Shares Goku's New CG Look

It seems like Dragon Ball is ready to make its return to the big screen. Following the debut of [...]

It seems like Dragon Ball is ready to make its return to the big screen. Following the debut of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Goku is set to make a comeback in theaters with a movie next year. Not long ago, Comic-Con @ Home gave fans the update we've all been waiting for where this movie is concerned. After all, the film's title was announced, and a key visual for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero made its debut to boot. And as fans discovered, Goku has been given a new design that dives into the world of CG.

We finally got to see what this would look like as Toei Animation debuted the first teaser trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero during their special panel for the film at Comic-Con @ Home 2021. Not only did they confirm the new film's title, but shared a close look at Goku's design for the movie that is surprisingly CG animated. While this first look isn't specifically a scene for the film, it's teased that we'll be seeing more of this particular Goku in the movie:

Producer for the Dragon Ball series and editor for series creator Akira Toriyama, Akio Iyoku explained during the panel that while this isn't a scene from the film, the team wanted to show what Goku will look like in movement and feeling. Dragon Ball animation producer Norihiro Hayashida then added that the team is "trying new things" and wants fans to watch many times to see the sort of "ingenuity" they're making it with. When asked if there are significant differences, Hayashida played coy.

Iyoku did explain that the Goku we see in the teaser incorporates different technologies, so while they do not necessarily say whether or not the entire film will be as CG animated as this Goku is, but it's clear that there will be more of it than there was in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. If they're leading with the first actual look at this kind of Goku in motion, that means there's a lot of faith behind what we'll get to actually see in the final project.

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