Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero First Teaser Trailer Released

Dragon Ball Super has debuted the first teaser trailer for its next movie, Dragon Ball Super: [...]

Dragon Ball Super has debuted the first teaser trailer for its next movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero! Fans have been anxious for the Dragon Ball Super anime to make its return ever since it ended its official series run a few years ago, and although new chapters of the manga have been moving the story forward, it's no replacement for a fully animated new entry. Toei Animation took fans by surprise when they announced that the next major film in the franchise was in the works, and production on the film had apparently begun before even Dragon Ball Super: Broly released in 2018.

During a special panel for the new film at Comic-Con @ Home 2021, Toei Animation officially announced that Dragon Ball Super's new movie will be titled Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero! To celebrate the reveal of the title, the panel also debuted the first promo for the upcoming film that teases what Goku will look like and how he'll movie in the upcoming movie. You can check it out below:

It was teased during the panel that although this first teaser does not reveal any footage from the actual movie itself, the production staff wanted to show what Goku will be like in his "movement and feeling." The staff insisted that they're trying new things with this next big movie, so they'd like fans to "watch many times" to see what "sort of ingenuity" they are going to be producing the film with. The host had asked whether or not there had been any "significant changes" made for the film, but unfortunately no details on that front were revealed.

It's teased that Goku's expressions and movements incorporate "a lot of ingenuity using different technologies" and it seems like the film will be going for a blend of hand drawn aesthetics boosted by a potentially CG animated movement overall. But it's hard to gauge what the entire film will look like following this brief teaser, but thankfully it won't be too long as Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is currently in the works for a release in 2022, but release date will vary by region.

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