Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Clip Teases Pan's Super Saiyan Training

Many revelations were unveiled during New York Comic-Con 2021's Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Panel, with one of the biggest being the discovery that the daughter of Gohan, Pan, had begun training under Piccolo and might just be transforming into a Super Saiyan based on the newest clip from the 2022 movie. With the upcoming film set to explore some of the other characters of the Shonen series, Pan will seemingly be joined by not just Piccolo, but the likes of Krillin, Bulma, Dende, Korin, and a number of antagonists that seem to be born from the Red Ribbon Army. 

As long time fans of the franchise know, Pan had a prominent role not just in the "End of Z" Arc which brought Dragon Ball Z to a close, she was also a part of Dragon Ball GT, assisting her grandfather and Trunks in helping to collect the dark dragon balls. While Pan never went Super Saiyan during the outside of continuity sequel series, it seems as though things might change in this upcoming feature-length film.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

During the New York Comic Con panel, the creative minds behind Super Hero revealed that not only would Pan begin training, but she would be trained by none other than Piccolo, who had helped in training her father during the Saiyan Saga. Though the Namekian hasn't been able to keep up with both Goku and Vegeta during Dragon Ball Super, with the Saiyans learning new techniques such as Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego respectively, it seems that Piccolo is still looking for ways to help save the world all the same. 

Pan herself has yet to be a part of any battles in Dragon Ball Super, even when it comes to the storylines that have yet to make their way to the anime proper with the likes of the Moro and Granolah The Survivor Arcs. The daughter of Gohan wouldn't be the first female Super Saiyan that we've seen however, as the Tournament of Power Arc introduced the likes of Caulifla and Kale from Universe 6, meaning that Goku's granddaughter has some serious catching up to do to reach their levels. 

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