Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Clip Confirms Broly's Return

Dragon Ball Super is moving forward with a new chapter, and the anime is thriving like never before. Today, the franchise put out the first look of its new movie, and Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has a ton of surprises in store. And now, a bit of close examination has revealed that Broly takes part in the film after all!

The big moment was revealed in a split-second shot of Goku. The Saiyan is seen flipping backward during a battle, but he seems to be training more so than battling. That much is confirmed when a character flies from the dust before Goku, and it is none other than Broly.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

The character is seen in his training clothes that Dragon Ball Super: Broly introduced. The bulky fighter has his long hair down, and Broly is donning a grey training shirt, and he seems to be more powerful than ever. He has Goku on the defense in this shot, so fans can only imagine how the pair have been training.

And if you look carefully, you will find the location in this shot familiar. The blue-green grass and pinkish sky is reminiscent of the planet Broly claimed as his home years ago. Hopefully, his companions are with him during this blip, so fans can look forward to Broly's return. There is no telling how large of a role he will play in this new movie, but fans are happy to see his canon status at work. For years, Broly was treated as an afterthought given his place in the non-canon Dragon Ball Z movies, but that is no longer the case these days. 

Right now, it seems like the gang is getting back together in this movie, and Goku will lead the group into a new crisis. NYCC confirmed a slew of details about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero including Pan's role, Piccolo's arc, and the return of the Red Ribbon Army. So if you are hyped for this movie, you aren't alone. It is slated to debut in Japan next year with its stateside release not yet determined. 

What do you think about this confirmation about Broly? Are you hyped for the character's comeback in Dragon Ball Super? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.