Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie's Myserious New Characters Get Official Names

Dragon Ball Super came to New York Comic-Con 2021 to promote its new movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. This film is still in the production stages, but already it's looking unlike any other Dragon Ball movie (or anime) than we've ever seen. Not only is the new Dragon Ball Super movie going with a unique and new animation style (and updated character designs), the premise of the story focusing on superheroes is differently different, as well. One of the big draws of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero are the two mysterious twin fighters Akira Toriyama created for this movie - and now they have official names! 

During the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero panel at NYCC 2021, the new twin alien characters that we will meet in the film had their official names revealed: "Gamma 1" and "Gamma 2". 

When Dagon Ball Super: Super Hero was revealed during San Diego Comic-Con 2021, the team behind the film interestingly seemed to refer to "Gamma" in the singular tense. That sparked quite a lot of debate in the fandom threads about whether this was two individual entities, or one entity able to split itself into multiple bodies. Now it seems clear "they" are two people - are at the very least, Gamma is a character that will go through multiple stages of transformation as he evolves, going from "1" to "2"  in whatever sense of the term that results in. 

Further teases revealed during the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero panel at NYCC invited fans to really study the design of Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, as well as the promotional image that puts these two new characters on either side of the frame, with Piccolo and Goku sandwiched between them. Apparently, this imagery is very specific and intentional and could hint at more than we initially think.

After the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero panel we know the film will bring back the Red Ribbon Army. The footage in the trailer suggests that Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are either members or creations of the Red Ribbon Army, which could certainly hint at some massive turns in the franchise fans have been waiting for! 

The rest of the trailer footage suggests that Gamma 2 (at least) will be on the hunt for various Dragon Ball Z-Fighter targets we see the Red Ribbon Army keeping tabs on, including Goku, Vegeta, and Buu. Are we witnessing a new updated version of the Red Ribbon Army android technology that created Cell? 

If Gamma evolves like Cell - by horrifically absorbing the bodies and/or powers fo fighters he faces - then it could explain why Goku, Vegeta, and other main players get taken out early, and fighters like Gohan/Great Saiyaman and his family (Pan, Grandpa Piccolo, Videl) have to actually step up and finish this particular fight. It would be a great sequel to the Dragon Ball Z Cell Games, and a long-overdue boost to some fan-favorite characters DBS has overlooked... 

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be in theaters in 2022.