Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero May Feature an Old-School Villain

Dragon Ball Super has fans on high alert these days, and it is all thanks to its new movie. If you did not know, the anime is set to return next year with its second film, and a trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero went live at New York Comic Con this past week. And now, it seems fans have keyed into the fact that a familiar villain may show up in this movie.

The whole thing popped off online when fans like SLOplays noticed one figure from the new trailer looked similar to someone else from the anime. As you can see below, the mystery character bears a curious resemblance to Lord Jaguar, so it seems this film might take cues from Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly.

And honestly? Fans would not be surprised in the least. The first Dragon Ball Super movie brought Broly into the canon, and he's been chilling there ever since. In fact, a super-short glimpse of the Saiyan can be found in the trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Broly is seen training with Goku in the reel, so Jaguar's appearance does track here.

Now, if you aren't familiar with this character, he hails from one of Dragon Ball Z's many films. The insanely rich man has a thirst for power, and he wants to rule over the world by making a clone of Broly. Jaguar has a team clone the fighter, and in his bid for world domination, the billionaire takes the time to humiliate Hercules as the pair have an ongoing feud. However, Jaguar is left gobsmacked when Bio-Broly revolts against his masters, and it falls to Goku's crew to save the day.

Clearly, a version of this plot could play out in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero given what we know from the trailer. Broly is in the movie, and the character who looks like Jaguar is insanely rich. For all we know, this man's wealth may have ties with the Red Ribbon Army. And if that is the case, well - the movie just got a lot more interesting. 

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