Dragon Ball Super Planted The Seeds For "Super Hero" Movie Years Ago

Dragon Ball Super turned several heads during its latest panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, [...]

Dragon Ball Super turned several heads during its latest panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, revealing that the next film in the franchise would be released under the title of Super Hero, but some fans have managed to discover that one of the new reveals wasn't exactly new. With the upcoming movie seeing creator Akira Toriyama being involved in the creation of the film and the film bringing in the likes of Piccolo, Pan, and Krillin, Shonen fans are dying to learn more about the next chapter in the Dragon Ball series that is set to land next year.

In a publication created in 2015 that was made to hype the movie that brought back Freeza from the grave in the Dragon Ball franchise, titled Volume F, the information surrounding Piccolo's abode was unveiled though never appeared in the animated series proper. In the blurb, we discover that the most popular Namekian warrior lived in a house on a mountain owned by Mr. Satan, living near Gohan to help raise Pan. With the upcoming movie not focusing on "power" as much as Dragon Ball Super: Broly had and giving a larger role to the supporting characters of the Shonen series outside of Goku and Vegeta, we're definitely interested to see the role that Piccolo has to play in Super Hero when it lands.

Twitter User DBS Chronicles discovered the blurb in the Volume F publication, which also notes that Piccolo might have won the father of the year award thanks to eating with Gohan and his family every day, which Goku most assuredly has not done these past few years:

There are still plenty of secrets that have yet to be revealed regarding the 2022 animated film, including what the main threat of the next chapter will be. While we were able to see a new character design revealed during the latest panel, we don't know said character's allegiances or even their name. Regardless, fans are hyped for Dragon Ball Super to return to the world of anime.

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