Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Teases a Red Ribbon Army Update

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero recently revealed a new clip at this year's New York Comic-Con giving us a better look into the upcoming film that is looking to expand on the Shonen universe, but it seems as though the Official Twitter Account for the series has revealed that new secrets are about to be revealed regarding the Red Ribbon Army. Many Dragon Ball fans were shocked when it was announced that the nefarious organization responsible for the likes of Dr. Gero, the Androids, and Cell would be returning for this new Dragon Ball entry, so there is definite interest in the criminal enterprise.

The Red Ribbon Army has been a part of Goku's life since he was a child, first appearing in the original Dragon Ball series while creating robots of destruction along the way to threaten the world. With Dr. Gero being killed by his creations in Dragon Ball Z, it seems that some new benefactors have decided to dive into the world of villainy, bringing back the organization in the upcoming movie that is set to be released in 2022. While there are still many questions that have yet to be revealed, many Dragon Ball fans are hoping that the return of the Red Ribbon Army will also warrant the return of the biological nightmare known as Cell.

The Official Twitter Account for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero took the opportunity to thanks fans for a quarter of a million followers, while also hinting that secrets about the Red Ribbon Army are soon to be revealed with regard to the anticipated Shonen film that will not only bring back Goku but also the likes of Broly:

 The translation of this Tweet reads as such:

"Thank you everyone! The number of followers exceeded 250,000. Great attention all over the world. The next video if full of power and the Secret of Red Ribbon is something to look forward to."

While the next film is set to arrive next year, the Dragon Ball Super anime television series is still up in the air when it comes to a premiere date for its return, though the Shonen franchise has plenty of ground to cover when it comes to the events taking place in the manga, including the Moro and Granolah The Survivor Arcs respectively.

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