Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Art Imagines Cell's Long-Awaited Comeback

The next movie in the Dragon Ball franchise is set to arrive next year, with Super Hero already promising to bring back the nefarious organization known as the Red Ribbon Army, and with the return of one of the Shonen franchise's biggest evil collectives, could the Androids be far behind? Throughout Dragon Ball Super, many fans have wondered if the nefarious Cell will be making a return, with the alien despot Freeza already playing a pivotal role in the sequel series, with one fan artist imagining what the biological terror would look like in the movie's new animation style.

While Cell himself has yet to come back from the dead in the main continuity of Dragon Ball, he has recently played a role in the spin-off series of Super Dragon Ball Heroes within the latest battle known as the Space-Time War. Cell himself might still be deceased, but he was able to travel from the afterlife to become an unexpected ally to Goku, Vegeta, and the other Z Fighters as they battled against Goku Black. The creation of Dr. Gero might have helped out Goku and company, but it's clear that he still has his own intentions in mind and is primed to betray his enemies at a moment's notice.

Twitter Artist Renaldo Saiyan gives a modern makeover to the Red Ribbon Army's greatest creation, imagining what Cell might look like if he has a role to play in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie which will focus on the likes of Piccolo, Krillin, Pan, and several other Z Fighters that didn't make an appearance during the Broly film:

Cell himself has been one of the only major villains of the series that has remained dead and didn't find themselves on the side of the heroes, with the Androids joining Goku and the Z Fighters and Freeza becoming a temporary ally during the Tournament of Power Arc. While we aren't sure as to whether or not Cell will make a comeback, plenty of fans are crossing their fingers that the Dragon Ball Z villain will make a comeback. 

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