Dragon Ball: Louis Vuitton Nods to Vegeta with These Epic Boots

Vegeta hasn't exactly worn many outfits that broke the wheel as the Prince of the Saiyans, but [...]

Vegeta hasn't exactly worn many outfits that broke the wheel as the Prince of the Saiyans, but that isn't stopping anime fans from comparing a new boot line that is coming from Louis Vuitton that definitely has Dragon Ball fans thinking of the Saiyan race. As Vegeta is currently training under the God of Destruction in the pages of Akira Toriyama's manga, he still wears the standard Saiyan armor, which has been improved upon time and time again as the opponents he fights grow in power.

The whole thing went viral when Twitter user aspirin overdose (Jam Respicio) posted a photo taken from one of the latest Louis Vuitton shows. It was there Dragon Ball fans got an eyeful of some new shoes, and the collection seems like it's mirroring Vegeta with its boot styles.

As you can see below, the Louis Vuitton boots look a lot like the one Vegeta wears with his Saiyan armor. The leather boots have distinct ribbing over the top of the feet, and there is a strap securing the shoes in place there as well. The shoes come up to mid-calf just like Vegeta is used to, and the whole thing comes together with the smallest of heels.

For those curious about this line, in particular, it debuted under Louis Vuitton this month. The collection comes from designer Nicolas Ghesquière and his latest Cruise Collection. "Echoing the optimistic atmosphere and graphic forms of the show's idyllic setting, Nicolas Ghesquière brings together a colorful ensemble of geometric silhouettes," Louis Vuitton describes the line. "Like the uniforms of an American marching band, the collection parades in a procession that is both assertive and joyful, propelling a sense of forward motion."

As you can see here, the Louis Vuitton collection has plenty of colorful boots on hand, but none come closer to Vegeta than these bad boys. And if you want them, well - you'll need some good connections to get a pair. The runaway pieces aren't simply available to order online, and the most basic of Louis Vuitton boots can run you upwards of $2,000 USD.

What do you think of this Louis Vuitton nod? Do you think Vegeta would approve? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.