Dragon Ball Super Report Calls Vegeta's Mysterious New Technique Surprising

Dragon Ball Super's anime is currently on hiatus, but the manga has continued with the Z Fighters [...]

Dragon Ball Super's anime is currently on hiatus, but the manga has continued with the Z Fighters taking on the energy absorbing villain known as Moro, while also giving Vegeta some big new power ups following his training on the Planet Yardrat, and one report hints that the mysterious abilities may be quite surprising to fans! Planet Yardrat, for those who might not be familiar, first appeared in Dragon Ball Z and taught Goku how to master the technique of Instant Transmission that allows the Saiyan warrior to teleport instantly across the universe by sensing a warrior's power level!

In the most recent chapter of the manga, Vegeta has appeared before Moro, quickly having completed his training under the masters of Planet Yardrat. With techniques such as healing, creating cloning, and even making his stature several times larger being option for his training, the prince of the Saiyans was able to quickly learn how to use Instant Transmission in only a number of minutes, proving that Vegeta has improved astronomically since the days of Dragon Ball Z. While we don't have all the details about Vegeta's new powers, a recent tweet gives us a hint as to how different his new techniques might be!

Twitter User DBSHype shared a review of the soon to be released chapter of Dragon Ball Super, stating that Vegeta's upcoming powers, seemingly based on his "personal beliefs", which seems to leave Piccolo stunned as the battle begins between the prince of the Saiyans and Moro:

Vegeta has long been a fan favorite character within the roster of Dragon Ball and those who are currently following around with the manga are hoping that the upcoming chapter will finally give the prince of the Saiyans the victory that they've wanted for so long. Though we have yet to see if Vegeta has arrived on Earth with the power to instantly heal wounds or make himself several times larger, it's clear that his training on Planet Yardrat has born fruit and he is in a much better position to battle against Moro than at the start of the arc.

What do you think Vegeta's new power will be? Do you think he'll finally be able to take home a victory against Moro? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Dragon Ball!