Dragon Ball Super Shows Vegeta's Instant Transmission Training Fails

Dragon Ball Super's latest chapter might have had Vegeta learn Instant Transmission, but he had [...]

Dragon Ball Super's latest chapter might have had Vegeta learn Instant Transmission, but he had quite a few mistakes before really picking it up! When the series first revealed that Vegeta would be heading to Yardrat for his next phase of training to take on Planet Eater Moro, fans were beginning to wonder whether or not this meant that he would also pick up the famous Instant Transmission technique. While he's seemingly picked up other techniques as a result of learning Spirit Control from Pybara, before Vegeta finished off his training he dabbled in Instant Transmission.

Chapter 60 sees Vegeta concerned over the fact that Goku seems to be losing to Moro, and when the Yardrats tell him that they can't transport him to Earth Vegeta decides to pick up the Instant Transmission technique in order to head back to Earth as soon as possible. But in his rush to get it down, he does mess up a few times.

Vegeta vows to learn the Instant Transmission and master it faster than every other fighter has done before, but because he's in a rush to get back to Earth he doesn't care about mastering it perfectly. To him, he just needs it to work successfully once. It's why when he tries it at first, Vegeta ends up teleporting straight into a nearby garbage can.

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta Instant Transmission Fails
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Once he figures out that he needs to hone in on someone's energy, he figures it out quickly. When he senses Goku's energy (and figures out that he's lost his Ultra Instinct form) Vegeta digs deep and says he'll be able to pull it off. Focusing for a bit, Vegeta indeed teleports to Earth in time before Goku is completely defeated by Moro.

This quick grasp of the Instant Transmission sees the Yardrats claim he's a prodigy, but it just goes to show how dedicated he's become to training over the years. He's become such a "prodigy" in his training that it's come to improve his skills far better than Goku's did (who even had more time thanks to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber). Vegeta's been on a major upswing this arc, and hopefully this doesn't come back to bite him like the others.

How do you think Vegeta's training will pay off in the next chapter? What did you think seeing Vegeta both fail and master the Instant Transmission move so quickly? Will he have a better chance against Moro following his training than Goku did? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!