Dragon Ball Super Makes Curious Note About Super Sayan Blue Vegeta

Dragon Ball fans aren't afraid to admit they have an obsession with power boosts. Over the [...]

Dragon Ball fans aren't afraid to admit they have an obsession with power boosts. Over the decades, heroes like Goku and Gohan have gotten plenty of new forms while training or in the heat of battle. As for Vegeta, the same applies, but he always seems to be a step behind his rival. And thanks to a little note from the Dragon Ball Super manga, fans have even more info on Vegeta and his special Super Saiyan Blue form.

The situation is a complicated one, so we'll give a brief overview. Back in the day, Dragon Ball Super was still on the air, and it had an episode that debuted a new Super Saiyan Blue form for Vegeta. The fighter first used the form against Jiren during the Tournament of Power, and it seemed to have a Kaio-ken multiplier to it. The sparkly blue form wasn't fundamentally different but had enough changes that fans considered it a wholly new form.

That doesn't seem to be the case according to the manga. V-Jump posted a breakdown of all the Dragon Ball Super forms according to the manga, and fandom personality Cipher_db translated the info. It was there fans discovered the manga referred to the form as Blue Evolved.

dragon ball super vegeta
(Photo: Toei Animation)

"Vegeta overcomes his own limits to achieve this uniquely styled mastery of Blue," the translation reads.

The understanding of this name is up for debate, but Dragon Ball Super fans believe it pushes back against the belief that Vegeta unlocked a new form entirely. The simple evolution is no different than when Goku uses Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken, but it is still a marked improvement. It is also a boost that Goku has yet to unlock, so fans are letting Vegeta carry this power-up as a win.

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