Dragon Ball Super Fan Hilariously Points Out Major Piccolo and Vegeta Error

Dragon Ball Super's latest chapter featured Vegeta taking the fight to Moro, and one fan [...]

Dragon Ball Super's latest chapter featured Vegeta taking the fight to Moro, and one fan hilariously pointed out a major error Piccolo makes when witnessing the action unfold. When Vegeta returns from his months of training on Yardrat with a new ability that nerfs much of Planet Eater Moro's power, Piccolo is shocked at seeing it all unfold. After coming to a frustrating realization of just how weak he was compared to Goku's Ultra Instinct Sign form, it seems like he's also seeing just how strong Vegeta has become since the last time the two fighters shared any time together.

Piccolo notes that Vegeta has gotten stronger, but that he also doesn't seem stronger than Moro's current level. As Vegeta continues to fight Moro while sneakily using his new Forced Spirit Fission move, the others only see him continue to get overpowered by Moro's tactics. It's here that Piccolo mentions how he believes that "Vegeta's never been one to misread an opponent's strength," and fans know all too well how wrong that sounds.

As hilariously pointed out by @MatoiRisu on Twitter, this is an incredibly wrong statement on many matters in not only Dragon Ball Super but the entire franchise as a whole. Vegeta's whole deal has been believing in himself to the point where he overestimates his own power, and is usually harshly punished for it. You can see it in action quite hilariously in the video below:

Vegeta has taken some significant losses over the course of the entire franchise, and it's why his recent overpowering of Moro was such a huge hit with fans. It is the first real time that he has made some major strides against one of the series' major foes, and hopefully this isn't going to shape up like previous ones where Vegeta was used as a way to weaken the villain before Goku can deal the finishing blow.

Did you catch this little hiccup during Vegeta's fight with Moro in the latest Dragon Ball Super chapter? What do you think about how Piccolo has been used in this fight so far? How do you think the rest of the fight against Planet Eater Moro will go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!