Dragon Ball Brings in Vin Diesel for Help With Perfect Fast and Furious Memes

Vin Diesel has been brought to the world of Dragon Ball thanks to some hilarious Fast and the Furious edits. F9 has broken new ground for the Fast and the Furious franchise as it finally made the impossible happen and accomplished fans' dreams of bringing the wild speed of its cars to space. But now that has only raised the bar further as fans have taken it into their own hands and imagined what it would look like if Fast and Furious' Dominic Toretto made his way to other major franchises. Naturally one thing led to another, and now Vin Diesel has been brought to the world of Dragon Ball!

The Fast and the Furious franchise is already pretty close in tone, presentation, and storytelling to action anime and manga franchises given its intense action, focus on family, and seeing former foes become allies after their initial introduction to face bigger baddies later, but now this allusion to anime has gotten far more literal as a couple of fans have hilarious introduced Dominic Torretto to Dragon Ball Z with some pretty funny takes. The first comes from Team Four Star's Scott Frerichs (who really knows a thing or two about Dragon Ball) that seems Dom helping Gohan and Goten a very important time:

And the second from @EmeraldDemon on Twitter sees Dom helping Gohan and Goten in a very different matter as he's now fully armed and ready to take on Broly:

These are far from the only edits that have placed Dominic Torretto in famous anime moments, and they'll be far from the last. For example, here's one that takes Dom even further into space as he helps Amuro during the events of Mobile Suit Gundam from @Kars_Luvs_GSelf on Twitter:

The Fast and the Furious franchise is pretty much tailor made for big anime action moments like these, and while there is an official animated series now streaming on Netflix, a full anime take on the franchise would likely be a huge hit among fans. But what do you think? Would Fast and the Furious make for a great anime? What would you want to see? Let us know all of your thoughts about Fast and the Furious, anime, and more in the comments!