Dragon Ball Redeems Yamcha with This Cute Fem Cosplay

Yamcha might be the butt of everyone's Dragon Ball jokes these days, but that does not mean he is [...]

Yamcha might be the butt of everyone's Dragon Ball jokes these days, but that does not mean he is without fans. In fact, the martial artist has become quite the popular fellow, and that is thanks to his relatable stature. In a world filled with Saiyans, you can only do your best when it comes to saving the world, so that is what Yamcha does. And with his status as a cult icon in mind, one Dragon Ball cosplayer felt it was time to honor Yamcha with a cool fem cosplay!

It's wild to think about how Yamcha was one of the core characters in the series when he first made his introduction in the first official arc of the series. But as the world continued to evolve, and Goku started to take on even stronger threats, Yamcha largely remained the same. If only his gear remained the same as well because he never really topped the first look he made his Dragon Ball debut with, and now this bandit version of Yamcha has come to life in a cool new way with a fem spin thanks to artist @nadyasonika on Instagram! Check it out below:

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The treatment of Yamcha has been a bit better in Dragon Ball these days. While he was largely ignored during Dragon Ball Super's anime run (which made a huge joke out of the fact that he was not even considered for the Tournament of Power), he did get some moments to shine in the manga. The manga has carried the through some new arcs, and one of them saw Yamcha get in some pretty good fights as he and the rest of Earth's remaining defenders joined the Galactic Patrol and fought against Planet Eater Moro's forces.

It's part of why fans want to see more of the Dragon Ball Super anime someday! Toei Animation announced a new movie is currently in the works for a release some time next year, but there's still going to be a demand for a proper return of the anime series. An anime is definitely needed to tackle many of the new stories we've seen in the manga, and it's definitely going to be needed for all of the Yamcha fans showing their support like this artist!

But what do you think of Yamcha? Where does he rank among your favorite fighters in Dragon Ball overall? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments!