This Dragon Ball Z Tattoo Reveals Shenron's Cutest Form

Most anime franchises will usually have a 'Macguffin' that protagonist and antagonists alike are [...]

Most anime franchises will usually have a "Macguffin" that protagonist and antagonists alike are looking to acquire, if not looking to win various battles in front of them, and perhaps none are more famous in the medium than the Eternal Dragon of Shenron from Dragon Ball Z and one fan has shown their love of the wish granting dragon with an adorable tattoo. Dragon Ball Z tattoos certainly aren't hard to find when it comes to permanent anime pieces of art and Shenron has found its way onto the skins of fans of Akira Toriyama for decades.

The Eternal Dragon has changed time and time again, not just in appearance, but in what wishes it is able to grant to those who manage to find all the dragon balls. Originally granting only one wish, Shenron is able to change based on its creator, and other Eternal Dragons, such as Poronga on the Planet Namek, bring a brand new ball game to the table when it comes to the long running anime franchise of Dragon Ball! With Dende taking over the spot of Kami following Piccolo absorbing his "good side", the wish granting orbs once again changed, varying the wishes of those both on the side of good and evil!

Reddit User Slippy T Frog shared this adorable recreation of the Eternal Dragon, taking the original menacing Shenron and translating it into a cute child-like version of the wish granting reptile that is sitting atop the seven dragon balls that have become the object of desire for so many in the Dragon Ball franchise:

Shenron tattoo reveal from r/dbz

Currently in Dragon Ball Super, the dragon balls themselves were used to give a serious power boost to the evil sorcerer of Moro, using the Eternal Dragon on Planet Namek to both bring back his full strength as well as let loose his henchmen from their confinement by the Galactic Patrol. With his full power being restored, Moro has become one of the biggest threats to the Earth, managing to defeat both Goku and Vegeta in one on one fights. While we aren't sure if the Eternal Dragon will appear before the end of this arc, we're sure to see the dragon balls return in the future of the franchise.

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