Dragon Ball Z Gives Future Trunks a Cyberpunk Makeover in New Art

Dragon Ball has been around for decades, and at this point, the franchise has a life of its own. With fans across the globe, the IP has turned its Saiyans into superstars, and we're not just talking about Goku. When it comes to Saiyans, it seems they all have their own fanbase, and one piece of new art has fans of Future Trunks buzzing online.

After all, it isn't every day the character gets a sleek cyberpunk makeover. As you can see below, the fan-artist InHyuk Lee on Twitter recently imagined how Trunks would look in such a series. And well – you can see just how perfectly the aesthetic suits the Saiyan.

Ghost in the Shell Goes Super Saiyan

With his lilac hair down, Trunks' outfit here has all the basics we know and love, but they are all modernized with tech wear edges. For instance, his simple jacket has been turned into a windbreaker of sorts, and it comes complete with tons of Capsule Corps pockets. The top is paired with a plain black shirt, and of course, Trunks looks sleek in a pair of dark green cargo pants. The entire outfit is finished with some high-top boots, and of course, Trunks is rocking a high-tech sword here that would make Frieza flinch.

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This futuristic look is very different from anything we have seen in Dragon Ball, and obviously, it suits Trunks. The boy does come from the future, after all. At the time of Trunks' debut, the future looked very different to creator Akira Toriyama compared to how we see it decades later. So with this in mind, maybe it is time Dragon Ball gives Vegeta's son a cyberpunk renaissance.

What do you think this epic Trunks makeover? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.