Dragon Ball Z Poster Brings Iconic Future Trunks Battle to Life

Future Trunks has easily become one of the fan favorite characters of the Dragon Ball franchise [...]

Future Trunks has easily become one of the fan favorite characters of the Dragon Ball franchise and one fan has decided to make an insanely cool poster that re-creates the initial battle that introduced us to the son of Vegeta and Bulma via his Super Saiyan skills! Though he made a name for himself during the Android and Cell Sagas, Trunks has remained a big part of the franchise moving forward and even was brought back in the sequel series of Dragon Ball Super with a story line that revolved around him and a new threat to his future!

The intrigue of Future Trunks' identity must have been a huge surprise for fans when the anime series first debuted decades ago, arriving on the scene to assist the Z Fighters in taking down Freeza and his father, King Cold, who had just landed on earth and were attempting exact revenge on Goku and his friends following the battle on Namek. With Trunks showing off his ability to become a Super Saiyan, the mystery of who he was had puzzled the Z Fighters, that is until he informs Goku, and in doing so, gives Piccolo the heads up thanks to his insane levels of hearing.

Reddit Artist Wizyakuza shared this amazing fan art that demonstrates one of Future Trunks' biggest moves, as he uses this energy blast to rocket Freeza into the air, leaving the alien tyrant open for a sword slash that cut the villain into thousands of pieces before being blown away:

Heyy Friieeezzaaaa!! 🔥🔥⁣🙄😳☠️⁣⁣ from r/dbz

Future Trunks, as noted earlier, appeared in the sequel series of Dragon Ball Super, albeit with a slightly different look and hair style, as he attempted to save his world from a new threat in the form of the villain "Goku Black". During this new story line, Trunks traveled back into the past once again and gained new powers and transformations as a result of fighting alongside both his father, Vegeta, and Goku! While we aren't sure if Future Trunks will once again appear in Super, it's clear that the fan favorite will keep making appearances in ancillary stories, merchandise, and video games for the series moving forward!

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