Dragon Ball Fans Cannot Unsee Ryan Reynold's Accidental Future Trunks Cosplay

Ryan Reynolds holds a top spot amongst Hollywood's hottest stars these days. For years, the Canadian actor has commanded the screen in everything from rom-coms to action films. His recent portrayal of Deadpool cemented his star status, but there is one thing Reynolds has never done. He hasn't given anime cosplay a shot, but Dragon Ball fans are now convinced he could do Future Trunks justice.

Over on Twitter, the whole ordeal began when Reynolds shared a photo edited by the concept artist BossLogic. The latter edited a photo of Reynolds taken in South Korea when the actor met the boy group EXO. Reynolds shared the photo in the hopes of joining EXO for a spell, but fans quickly pointed out a tiny detail the actor may have missed.

After all, if you look at the edit real close, you will not be able to unsee his take on Future Trunks.

As you can see above, the edit put Reynolds in a navy blue suit which is made from denim. The dark wash compliments the black leather straps which crisscross around the outfit. Finally, the edit tops off the look with mid-length purple hair which falls over one side of his face in a bang.

Of course, this purple hair made fans think of Trunks, and the discovery of the edit's straps took things to the next level. Now, fans are going out of their way to edit the actor into the Dragon Ball universe. The only thing this edit is missing is Trunks' sword to complete the Saiyan transformation, but maybe Reynolds will save that for Deadpool 3.


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