Dragon Ball Z Fans Will Need This Stunning Gogeta Figure ASAP

One of the most popular fusion characters of the Dragon Ball Z franchise is easily Gogeta, the [...]

One of the most popular fusion characters of the Dragon Ball Z franchise is easily Gogeta, the result of Goku and Vegeta performing the fusion dance, and since his first canonical appearance in Dragon Ball Super in the recent Broly movie, fans couldn't be more excited by these first images of a brand new statue! Though Gogeta is only around for thirty minutes following a successful, or unsuccessful, attempt, this is usually more than enough time for the two Saiyans to take down whatever threat is facing them at any given time, as was the case against the Leagendary Super Saiyan!

As fans of the Dragon Ball franchise know, the first time that Gogeta appeared was in the twelfth movie of Dragon Ball Z titled "Fusion Reborn" that saw Goku and Vegeta testing their skills against the demon known as Janemba. The film, which featured not only the arrival of Gogeta but also the return of numerous deceased villains from the anime franchise's past, was hilarious in that it took several tries for both Goku and Vegeta to finally achieve a perfect fusion dance. Should the two participants even miss one tiny part of the dance, they can form into an extremely obese, or extremely malnourished, version of what they were hoping to accomplish, making for some hilarious scenes within the anime series.

Twitter User KenXyro shared this upcoming Gogeta figure that is created by Tamashi Features 2020, showing off one of the most iconic moments of the fused characters from the twelfth film of Dragon Ball Z, unleashing the killing blow against the demonic Janemba:

So far, Gogeta has appeared in Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and Super Dragon Ball Heroes, proving to be an unstoppable force for the Z Fighters when it comes to battling villains. While many will believe that Vegito is the stronger fusion of the two based on the fact that the Potarra Earrings seemingly allow fusions to last longer, the added stipulations that were thrown into Dragon Ball Super that can undo this once permanent bonding seem to definitely create a more even playing field!

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