Dragon Ball Artwork Imagines Goku's Green Lantern Persona

Dragon Ball has had its fair share of crossovers in the past, bringing Goku into the world of the pirates of One Piece, the ninjas of Konoha via Jump Force, and more fan made videos of the Saiyan warrior facing off against DC's Superman than we can count! Now, one fan has decided to imagine if Goku entered into the DC Universe not by squaring off with the Man of Steel, but rather by inheriting some power rings from the Corps that are affiliated with the Green Lantern! As if Goku weren't powerful enough!

Rather than being Green Lanterns themselves, the fan artist portrays both Goku and Chi Chi as a Blue Lantern and Sapphire Lantern respectively. With Goku already sporting blue hair as a part of his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan transformation, the Saiyan protagonist fits right in with the likes of Saint Walker and the Blue Lantern Corps that exemplify the power of Hope within this comic book universe.

Instagram Artist ArtByTheAnomaly shared this amazing fusion that required neither earrings or dancing, as Goku and Chi Chi are chosen in this artwork to represent the hope of the Blue Lanterns and the love of the Star Sapphires, giving them an even bigger power boost:

The Lantern Corps grants power rings to those who closest represent their ideals, for example the most hopeful in the universe receive blue rings, those with the strongest wills receive green, and those who have the ability to "instill the most fear" receive yellow rings from the villainous Sinestro Corps. Needless to say, giving these rings to the fighters of Dragon Ball would make them strong beyond belief.

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