Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai to Wrap This Fall

Whether you love it or not, Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is a solid hit. The series is one of the latest to tackle the iconic video game IP, and Toei Animation has sunk serious time into the adaptation. And according to new reports, it seems Dai's journey will come to an end this fall when an October finale. 

The update comes from the official Dragon Quest site in Japan as its episode guide was updated recently. It was there fans were told the series would wrap up in October. Toei Animation will shut the series down in time for the fall anime season, and right now, there is no word on what the finale will entail.

Of course, anime fanatics are already trying to figure out what title Toei Animation will take on once Dragon Quest runs its course. The prevailing theory is that another season of Gegege no Kitaro will air. And to nobody's surprise, plenty more are hoping Dragon Ball Super makes a television comeback. The franchise shuttered its TV series years ago, after all. The debut of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero could kickstart the anime's return to television. But for now, these pitches are nothing more than rumors.

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If you have not seen Dragon Quest you can catch up on the anime through Crunchyroll. For more details, you can read up on the anime's official synopsis below:

"Dai, who is the only human on the island and longs to be a hero, lives in peace with the monsters. However, that life completely changes with the resurrection of the Dark Lord Hadlar. With promises from teachers, encounters with friends, and a destiny that cannot be escaped... In order to save the world, the adventure of Dai and his quest to be a hero begins!"

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