Edens Zero Creator Celebrates Amira's Anime Debut With New Sketch

Edens Zero's creator celebrated Amira's debut in the anime with a fun new sketch! The official [...]

Edens Zero's creator celebrated Amira's debut in the anime with a fun new sketch! The official anime adaptation for Hiro Mashima's newest series is currently in the midst of its debut season, and Edens Zero even recently launched its second cour heading into the Summer 2021 schedule of new anime releases. Fans outside of Japan have been waiting for their chance to check out the new series for themselves, but while it's going to be a little bit of a longer wait for that, at least fans can enjoy the anime in a different way thanks to the series' creator.

Original series creator Hiro Mashima has always been a big hit with fans thanks to the extra bit of fan service he shares for each of the characters, and that's continued with the release of Edens Zero as well. Mashima has been marking each of the notable character debuts in the anime with a series of fun sketches, and that's the case for the latest huge debut, Amira, who actually shows up through some unique means. You can check out Mashima's sketch for the new addition below:

Amira first appears in the series through a disguise that's completely different than her real form. As of the newest episode of the series airing in Japan, Amira has now made her true self known as she plays a major role in the fight against Drakken. She might be technically an antagonist to the Edens Zero crew, but soon they all realize they're on the same size. Luckily it won't be too long before fans around the world can check out the new anime for themselves.

Netflix has confirmed that Edens Zero will begin streaming worldwide on August 26th. They officially describe the series as such, "It is the year X492, an age in which people freely travel through the universe. Rebecca, a video-creating B-Cuber, visits the robotic world of Granbell and meets a young man with special powers: Shiki, who's lived his entire life among machines. Soon Shiki is exploring the cosmos with Rebecca, encountering new places, people and things, and making friends along the way. Join in the adventure starting in 2021 on Netflix."

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