Fairy Tail Creator Celebrates Halloween with Spooky Edens Zero Sketch

Hiro Mashima, series creator behind series such as Fairy Tail and Rave Master, has been a huge hit [...]

Hiro Mashima, series creator behind series such as Fairy Tail and Rave Master, has been a huge hit with fans thanks to extra sketches of his characters shared to social media, and now the famed creator has celebrated the spooky Halloween holiday with a special sketch honoring characters from his latest series, Edens Zero. Although Mashima is generally known for his prior work, Edens Zero has been picking up a lot of stream in the last year or so as the series crossed the 100 chapter mark a few weeks back.

Much of the major reason behind Edens Zero's big success with fans is the cast of new characters introduced in the series such as Rebecca Bluegarden, Shiki Granbell, and Pino. This trio in particular has been given a spooky, yet adorable makeover for the Halloween holiday in Mashima's newest sketch shared with fans on Twitter. With Shiki becoming a werewolf, Rebecca becoming more of a cat than she usually is, and a tiny Pino bat, you can check out the adorable new sketch below:

This new trio of characters are only a few of the fan favorites fans will be introduced to when Edens Zero gets an official anime adaptation next year. Currently scheduled for a release sometime in April as part of the Spring 2021 anime season, the new anime will be produced by J.C. Staff and feature director Shinji Ishihara (who returns from the Fairy Tail anime adaptation). While not much has been shown from this upcoming anime beyond a few character designs and key visual, we have gotten some of the information behind what we can expect.

The initial cast behind the anime has been set as well. While Pino's voice actress is still a mystery, the main trio of Shiki Granbell, Rebecca Bluegarden, and Happy have been confirmed to be voiced by Takuma Terashima, Mikako Komatsu, and Rie Kugimiya (who is returning from Fairy Tail) respectively. But as we get closer to its Spring release, expect more information behind the anime coming in the next few months!

What do you think of Hiro Mashima's spooky Halloween sketch for Edens Zero? Are you excited to see what's to come for the anime adaptation when it makes its premiere next year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!