Fairy Tail Creator Cozies Up Natsu and Lucy in New Sketch

Fairy Tail might not be at the top of the shonen charts these days, but its legacy lives on even still. Thanks to its sequel, the magical story continues under Hiro Mashima to this day, and the fandom is always down to revisit the manga's glory days. And as always, Mashima has a special gift for fans in light of July 26 coming around yet again.

Yes, the fabled Fairy Tail fan-holiday is here at last. July 26 marks a special day within the series, and it has to do with two familiar mages. After all, Natsu and Lucy have danced around their feelings for one another since day one, and July 26 gives the duo a chance to embrace their love for one another.

To honor NaLu Day, Mashima put out a sketch per usual celebrating the couple, and this one is especially adorable. Natsu is seen to the right in a black-and-yellow outfit linked with his scarf. The mage looks plenty happy as he smiles down at Lucy in his arms, and the heroine looks just as enamored. A slight blush can be found on Lucy's face as she holds a hand to Natsu's chest, so the pair look absolutely smitten in this shot.

Sadly, the two heroes aren't together in the manga just yet, but Fairy Tail fans know it will happen some day. The franchise has made several relationships canon already from Gray x Juvia to Gajeel x Levy. Natsu has yet to get his act together for Lucy, but the heroine has admitted her secret love for the man to herself. So now, it is just a matter of time before Mashima forces the couple to confess for Fairy Tail fans everywhere.

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