Fairy Tail Cosplay Perfectly Summons Aquarius

One Fairy Tail cosplay has perfectly summoned the celestial spirit Aquarius! Fans were introduced to the celestial spirits as part of Lucy Heartfilia's journey in Hiro Mashima's series. Lucy's major quest as the series continued was to gather all 12 of the Golden Zodiac Keys. Each one granted Lucy a powerful new spirit with unique abilities, and part of the fun of seeing each one in action was how they not only interacted with Lucy but with one another. The spirit who stood out the most for many reasons was Aquarius.

As one of the strongest spirits in her arsenal fairly early on, each use of Aquarius came with pretty hilarious consequences as Aquarius herself hated being summoned at any occasion. She often carelessly caught Lucy up in each of her massive watery attacks, and was a hilarious part of Lucy's repertoire throughout each fight. Now Aquarius has been summoned once more through some awesome cosplay from @pasteljellies on Instagram! Check it out below:

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While Aquarius was one of the stronger celestial spirits at her disposal, she was also the most prickly. This changed the more that she began to work alongside Lucy, of course, and eventually brought Aquarius to a surprising end point towards the original end of Mashima's Fairy Tail manga. Lucy's quest from then on out (which is currently being explored in the 100 Years Quest sequel manga) was reuniting with Aquarius after the two of them had to be separated to bring forth the Spirit King.

Mashima's balance of characters in the massive Fairy Tail roster is part of the reason fans are still in love with the franchise all these years after both the manga and anime came to an end. But the main draw to this day is Mashima's commitment to the world and its characters even as the creator moves on to brand new projects such as his newest weekly series (with a new anime airing in Japan this Spring), Edens Zero.

You can currently check out Fairy Tail on Crunchyroll and Funimation! But what do you think? Where does Aquarius rank among your favorite characters in the series? How did you like her partnership with Lucy? How did you feel about the growth of that partnership through the series? Let us know all of your thoughts on Aquarius and everything Fairy Tail in the comments!