Fairy Tail Creator Celebrates Juvia With Rainy New Sketch

Fairy Tail's creator celebrated Juvia Lockser's own special day with a rainy new sketch. Although Lucy Heartfilia is the main heroine of the series overall, many of the other fighters have been resonating with fans even more so. Hiro Mashima might have brought the manga to an end several years ago (with the anime wrapping up back in 2019), but Fairy Tail continues to be one of the most successful projects Mashima has ever produced. Keeping that interest alive is Mashima himself as well as he often shares new sketches of those favorites with fans on Twitter.

Celebrating the most recent "Juvia Day" on June 3rd (a day that had been bounced around the fandom before being cemented in place by Mashima himself last year), series creator Hiro Mashima took to Twitter to share a lovely new sketch of Juvia Lockser where he's depicting the heroine on a cold and rainy day. Something Juvia herself is totally fine with! Check out Mashima's newest sketch below:

Although Juvia is not the main heroine, she had become a major part of the series following her first introduction. Originally making an appearance as a foe, she's one of the many characters that had gone through this kind of transition from villain to heroic ally after contending with the Fairy Tail guild. It was from here on out that she actually grew closer with Gray Fullbuster and kicked off a whole new kind of role for herself.

Mashima continued to involve Juvia in some pretty key moments, and her eventual romance with Gray is something that had been played with throughout the duration of its run. While their partnership is not quite as set in stone as many fans would like (which is an issue for the series across the board), Mashima himself has played into their relationship even further as Juvia and Gray had been made an "official" pair through his art shared in sketches like this in the past.


But while Juvia's adventures have mostly come to an end (outside of the Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest sequel) for now, at least she lives on through fun sketches like this from Mashima on special days! What do you think of Juvia? Where does she rank among your Fairy Tail favorites? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!