Fairy Tail PSA Reminds Fans to Wash Hands and Socially Distance

Fairy Tail may be set in a fantastical world where magic exists, but a new PSA featuring the manga [...]

Fairy Tail may be set in a fantastical world where magic exists, but a new PSA featuring the manga has its stars sharing real-world advice. Over on Twitter, artist Hiro Mashima decided to take his beloved heroes and have them do good for fans amidst the pandemic. The creator drew up a PSA starring Natsu's gang which aims to remind fans how best to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The Fairy Tail artwork, which can be found below, is a simple one blocked into quadrants. The top two highlight Gray and Natsu with a special cameo from Juvia and Wendy. Happy can also be seen at Natsu's side like usual, and then the bottom panels star Lucy and Erza. Each of the guild members are going about everyday life in this PSA, but they are adhering to some basic rules to keep them (and those around them) safe.

For once in his life, Gray is adamant about social distancing from Juvia as the heroine can be seen running towards her crush. It might be hard for the blue-haired mage to avoid Gray, but Juvia will have to try her best lest she risk infecting her longtime crush with the virus.

As for Natsu, he is out in a face mask of his own making while Happy wears a medical mask. The latter covering is hard to find nowadays as many medical masks are being diverted to medical facilities around the world. That is why Natsu has fashioned a mask for him self that ties much like a bandana.

If you can avoid going out, the PSA advocates Lucy's choice of staying home. The heroine is seen reading a book at her leisure, and Erza is also chilling indoors. Every now and then, the red-haired heroine washes her hands to limit her viral load as hand-washing kills the coronavirus when done thoroughly.

As the pandemic continues to peak globally, it is more important than ever to keep good hygiene, and this Fairy Tail PSA proves even the strongest of warriors cannot do without these measures. Natsu might be able to take out Acnologia with his friends, but the crew can do little to knock out a virus. So until a cure can be found, the Fairy Tail guild will keep this PSA handy for when cases spike.

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