Fairy Tail Creator Teases 4 Upcoming Announcements

Fairy Tail has been out of commission for awhile now, but that has not kept its creator down at [...]

Fairy Tail has been out of commission for awhile now, but that has not kept its creator down at all. These days, artist Hiro Mashima seems busier than ever as he helps juggle a slew of Fairy Tail sequels and his latest series Edens Zero. With so much going on, fans are lucky to hear from the artist on social media when they do, so his latest update got fans in rightful tizzy.

After all, it turns out Mashima has been prepping some reveal behind the scenes. The artist took to Twitter to tell fans a few announcements are on their way, and there are more now than Mashima expected.

"Previously, I said that there were two surprise announcements [coming], but they have increased to four," the Fairy Tail artist said.

Over on Twitter, fans were rightfully geeking out about the message. It is not often that Mashima teases announcements on Twitter without delivering on the promise, so this is a big deal. Mashima is working on four announcements, and fans are trying to figure out what they are about.

Of course, many are curious if Edens Zero is about to get an anime adaptation of its own. The series is dozens of chapters in, and it has a loyal fanbase. If there is a studio willing to option the title, Edens Zero would make for an impressive show.

Of course, there are other theories running around. For one, fans think a Fairy Tail spin-off is not beyond the realm of possibility given the success of 100 Years Quest. Another HERO's manga could also be in the works given that Mashima said he had ideas in mind for a sequel. And if fans are particularly lucky, well - then they will get all of these announcements and then some.

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