Fairy Tail Creator Finishes Final Fantasy 7 Remake with Glowing Praise

After years of waiting, Final Fantasy fans finally got their hands on Final Fantasy VII's big [...]

After years of waiting, Final Fantasy fans finally got their hands on Final Fantasy VII's big remake. Unlike most of the entries in this franchise, VII is probably the one that's broken through to mainstream pop culture. There are a ton of supporters for this new release around the world, and that includes Fairy Tail series creator Hiro Mashima. While Mashima definitely has a huge workload with his currently ongoing series Edens Zero and other major projects still left unannounced, the creator made sure to take some time away from his busy slate to put some time into Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Taking to Twitter, where Mashima often shares adorable and sometimes saucy art of his characters, Mashima shared his excitement about the new release while mentioning that he cleared out a whole week's worth of work early in order to have the free time to play it, "FFVII Remake came! I've already finished next week's work!"

Hilariously enough, Mashima dove into the game so fast that he managed to clear it just a couple of days later. Completing this reportedly 30-45 hour adventure (on the low end of the spectrum, anyway) within this short time, Mashima heaped praise on Final Fantasy VII Remake. It might just be the voice some fans need to finally make the jump, "I finished FFVII remake! Quickly! Give me more, quickly! For a believer like me, who finished the original 10 times, there were so many unexpected moments! It was so fun!"

Mashima has never been shy about showing his love of RPGs, and soon he'll see his own franchise getting the video game treatment with Fairy Tail's big console game debut sometime later this year. Did you nab Final Fantasy VII Remake for yourself? If so, how far are you into the new game? Did you beat it already? Are you excited to play Fairy Tail's own upcoming RPG adventure? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!