Netflix Confirms Two New Far Cry Anime Series

Far Cry as a series has taken video game players through a number of insane worlds over the course [...]

Far Cry as a series has taken video game players through a number of insane worlds over the course of it's history, but one of the most insane was definitely the world of Blood Dragon, which was a spin-off of Far Cry 3 and focused on a synth-pop, neon world of the future. Now, during Geeked Week, Netflix has announced that the streaming service will be revisiting this world with a new anime series via Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix, which will follow a new protagonist navigating this technologically advanced world spawned from Ubisoft's universe.

On top of this return to Blood Dragon, Netflix has also teased the fact that another series will be created in the world of Far Cry, though details about this series are still few and far between:

The director of Ubisoft Film And Television, Helene Juguet, went into detail about working with Adi Shankar and Derek Kolstad for the upcoming projects and how adult animation is the perfect entry for Far Cry when it comes to hitting the small screen via Variety:

"Adult animation is one of the most powerful ways to pay tribute to the culture and community of gaming. It is truly inspiring to partner with creative talents such as Adi Shankar and Derek Kolstad to re-imagine our worlds for Netflix."

The world of Far Cry will be returning to consoles later this year with Far Cry 6, a new entry into the long-running series that will have players taking the roles of resistance fighters in a foreign nation, sporting the artillery that the series has been known for thus far. While we aren't sure if the animated series will tie into this new entry, we definitely wouldn't be surprised to see if worlds collide.

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