Fire Force Season 2 Releases New Promo

Fire Force's popular first season meant it was only a matter of time before a second season was [...]

Fire Force's popular first season meant it was only a matter of time before a second season was confirmed, and shortly following the season one finale, season two was confirmed and a brand new promotional video has given us a deeper look into our protagonist Shinra and his fellow fire fighters. The world that was established thanks in part to David Production, the same studio that routinely brings JoJo's Bizarre Adventure to life, has became a fan favorite thanks in part to the energetic animation that definitely is continuing based on this latest trailer that takes the Fire Force to a new continent!

The upcoming season, which is set to premiere on July 3rd, is promising to not only continue the adventures of Shinra, the fang toothed fire fighter who has been attempting to not only save civilians from strategic infernos, but also discover some of the secrets of his past in the process. As the trailer shows, Fire Force won't just be fighting new villains, but will also be travelling to a new locale alongside other fire companies that they will be teaming up with to take on new challenges that, seemingly, one group of fire fighters alone couldn't otherwise handle!

Funimation, the popular anime company that will be bringing the series to North America once again, unveiled the new trailer for the show's second season, hinting at the big adventures that are to come for both Shinra and the other heroes of Fire Force as they take on the supernatural, inferno causing threats around the world:

Fire Force, luckily, wasn't affected by the coronavirus pandemic, with the anime series production seemingly moving along in terms of production to accommodate for its release this summer. As the trailer shows, it seems as if the universe established in the first season will be ripped open to further explore the locations and environment that is inhabited by supernatural beings both on the side of good and the side of evil.

Though the manga is looking to reach its end sooner rather than later, expect to see more from the anime adaptation in the future!

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