Fullmetal Alchemist Creator Shares Thoughts on Final Live-Action Film

Fullmetal Alchemist has become one of the biggest anime franchises of all time, thanks to the reception of anime fans to the story of Edward and Alphonse Elric. With this year seeing not one, but two new live-action feature-length films have arrived in 2022, with the latest, The Final Transmutation, wrapping the adaptation that covers Hiromu Arakawa's epic story. Now, the creator the Elric Brothers has shared her thoughts on the final movie of the series.   

The official website for the new Fullmetal Alchemist films, with the previous releasing earlier this summer in "The Avenging Scar", revealed quite a few quotes from the series creator: 

"It was like riding a roller coaster! There were so many moving scenes connected to each other, and the whole film was full of highlights. The opening of the film started from an unexpected place. As I kept watching, thinking it was interesting, the two hours flew by and I really enjoyed it.

(Photo: Warner Bros Pictures)

About halfway through the film, Yamada-kun surprised me so much that I forgot his name, Ryosuke Yamada. Everything about him, from his body to his gestures, was just like Ed himself. The climax scene was just perfect. The young Hohenheim's expression as if he had given up on everything and the young father's muscularity were different from Ed's. Yamada-kun's ability to play three roles by himself was truly amazing. It was so faithful to the original manga. I am very grateful for that. Thank him so much for his hard work!

Uchino-san played the key role of Hohenheim and his father in two different roles, and all I can say is that he was just amazing! Kokoro-kun, who played the role of Pride, was also wonderful. The villainous Kokoro-kun was really good (laugh). Olivier-san, who made her first appearance in the third part, was already great from the very first scene! And all three members of the Xing team were cool again. The climax of the battle between Führer President and Scar, Ed and Father were very powerful, not to mention the action, the combination of CG and music was very powerful.

I had been thinking about what to do with the scene where Al comes back since the beginning of the serialization, so as I watched the live-action version, I remembered many things from when I was working on the original manga story, and I was filled with emotion. I was grinning as I watched the last scene, wondering when he was going to say that line. I was able to see it through with a good feeling!"

Currently, there has been no news about these two new films arriving in theaters around the world, but with the first movie originally hitting Netflix, we wouldn't be surprised if you'll be able to catch Avenging Scar and Final Transmutation streaming eventually. 

Via Fullmetal Alchemist Twitter