Funimation Announces New Dubs for Saint Seiya, Cells at Work, and More

Funimation is no stranger to the world of anime, having hit the scene thanks to its role in bringing Dragon Ball Z to North America and eventually starting its own streaming service, and the anime company has just added Cells At Work: Code Black and Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas to their library of anime series. With the organization best being known for supplying dubs for both Dragon Ball Super and One Piece, it's clear that the company doesn't have any problems diving further into the medium and working on other major properties within the world of anime.

Funimation made an announcement that both the spinoff series of Cells At Work: Code Black and Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas had their English dubs debut on their streaming service, giving fans a brand new way to experience both as well as a handful of other anime series that have fan bases of their own:

Funimation has been making big moves recently, with its parent company, Sony Pictures, having purchased its competitor in Crunchyroll, though there have yet to be any major changes to either of the platforms as of yet. Needless to say, the company will continue having a major influence in the world of anime in North America and around the world as time marches forward.


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