Futurama Revival Shares New Release Window

It has taken some time, but things are finally coming together for Futurama. If you did not know, reports last year confirmed the hit comedy was developing a revival at Hulu, and work has been moving forward on the series since. Of course, fans are eager for updates on the revival now that 2023 is here, and those curious netizens are in luck. After all, one of the show's stars just shared the show's new release window. 

The update comes from Twitter courtesy of Lauren Tom, the voice of Amy. Taking to Twitter, the star shared a photo of herself with the Futurama cast from San Francisco. It was there a fan asked about the revival, and Tom had this to say about its debut:

"The new episodes should be released sometime this summer," she said. "Can't wait for you to see them!"

Of course, this update is the first we have been given on Futurama since the titles of its first ten episodes were shared. At that time, the team behind Futurama told fans they hoped to role out episodes by the end of 2023. That timeline wasn't met for one reason or another, but you can be sure the wait will be worth it. When the revival drops in a few months, Futurama promises to take fans on an outlandish journey through the future. And of course, Fry will be there to lead his group of friends along!

If you have not caught up on Futurama and would like to ahead of the revival, Hulu is the place to go. The series is streaming there in full, so for more details on the comedy, you can find the official synopsis of Futurama below:

"Pizza boy Philip J. Fry is accidentally cryogenically frozen and awakens 1,000 years later in the 31st century. With no way back, he lands a job at Planet Express, an interplanetary delivery service, and tries to make sense of his new life with his co-worker friends: his 160-year-old boss; a beautiful, Cyclopian mutant; a human-sized crustacean; a Rastafarian bureaucrat; a rich, spoiled intern and an alcoholic, sociopathic robot."

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