Netflix's Gamera Rebirth Debuts First Trailer

Godzilla might hold the crown for the most popular kaiju, thanks in part to his title as the king of the monsters, but the beast known as Gamera is hoping to take the top spot with its new animated series arriving later this year. Gamera Rebirth is aiming to unleash six episodes on Netflix in 2023. While anime fans have yet to be given a precise release date for the kaiju's big comeback, the series has unleashed a new trailer as a part of this year's Anime Japan taking place in Tokyo. 

Gamera might challenge Godzilla for the kaiju crown, but the two large beasts have yet to officially face off in their respective cinematic histories. The giant monster that looks like a mutated turtle first debuted in the 1965 movie that introduced the world to Gamera. Throughout its history, the kaiju has fought a number of different threats to the world, including Jiger, Gyaos, and several other monsters that are planning to have appearances in this upcoming limited series.

Gamera Rebirth Trailer

The series' new trailer gives us a better idea of not just the threats that Gamera will be facing but the humans that will be involved in the kaijus' earth-shattering confrontation. It's been some time since we saw the kaiju make an appearance in any media, as 2006's Gamera The Brave was the last time the giant monster was in action. Needless to say, Netflix is hopping aboard the kaiju train with this one.

Here's how Netflix describes Gamera: Rebirth, the animated series that will bring the famous kaiju back to the small screen: "In the summer of 1989, Boko, Joe, and Junichi, all sixth-grade elementary school students, were having their last summer vacation. Each of them is worried about their future. Brody, the son of a US military commander, appears before the three of them and steals away the money they have saved together. Boko and his friends are furious and plan to get their money back. As they are about to carry out the plan, the town is threatened. The kaiju Gyaos suddenly attacks Tokyo. The four are petrified in a town ruined by Gyaos. As Gyaos sets its sights on them, a huge kaiju appears. Its name is Gamera. This is the beginning of their "Summer of Kaiju." Kaiju appear one after another, and Gamera fights back despite his wounds. The boys witness the legend."