Godzilla Teases Epic Cameo in Upcoming Anime Film

Godzilla is coming to the big screen next year, facing off against the current king of Skull Island in Kong, but fans have had to suffer through a number of delays before once again jumping into the world of the Legendary Kaiju-Verse, though you may be happy to hear that the king of the kaiju is looking to make its return in an anime cameo. In the anime film of Shinkalion The Movie, it appears as though the lizard king is making an appearance in a far chillier appearance than anything we've seen before.

Godzilla is no stranger to the world of anime, having been given a number of anime films that arrived on the streaming service of Netflix, as well as making various cameos across the medium. For example, My Hero Academia had a super hero in its first feature length film that looked exactly like the recently crowned king of the kaiju.

Twitter Outlet Kaiju News Outlet shared the clip of the upcoming appearance of Godzilla in the lesser known anime feature length film that has already been released in Japan in Shinkalion The Movie, which sees the characters battling against scores of monsters across the board:

The Official Description for Shinkalion The Movie reads as such:

"The new enemies, Nahane and Ohanefu, along with the mysterious new Giant Monstrous Beings appear from space to take over the Earth! Holding the key to these events is Shinkalion ALFA-X, which was secretly developed by the Ultra Evolution Institute...!?"


"For Hayato and Team Shinkalion, who had been living in peace, the battle begins again. Hayato cannot hide his anxiety after his father Hokuto goes missing during an enemy attack. Meanwhile, a 9-year old Hokuto suddenly appears from across time and space! The young Hokuto, who has slipped through time with the Glowing Particles, determines to become the driver of Shinkalion ALFA-X, which brings together the latest technologies to protect the Earth and return it to normal. Together in their thoughts, Team Shinkalion, brought together from Hokkaido Branch, Yamagata Branch, Omiya Branch, Nagoya Branch, Kyoto Branch, and Moji Branch confront the strongest enemy in the universe."

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