Did You Notice Digimon's Major Godzilla Homage?

Digimon Adventure has been around for decades, and its introduction of Agumon set off a craze back in the day. The franchise is still going on strong thanks to a recent revival, so fans have been reintroduced to Taichi's partner in an all-new way. And if you hadn't noticed by now, Greymon happens to bear a striking resemblance to a certain kaiju we know.

Over on social media, the user Htop_Gunder got the fanbase buzzing when they posted a comparison shot of Greymon with a kaiju. It turns out the Digimon takes some heavy design cues from Gomora who was made famous for taking on Godzilla more than a few times.

As you can see, Greymon and Gomora have a similar sort of name, but their biggest point of comparison comes with their looks. Gomora is a giant bipedal monster that vaguely resembles a T-Rex. The kaiju has three horns on its head with two facing either left or right. The third horn is at the front above his mouth, and Gomora has a set of gnarly claws on him.

This description sounds very similar to Greymon when you break it down. The bipedal Digimon is certainly modeled like a T-Rex, and his skull carries three horns as well. The biggest difference between the two is their color scheme since Digimon has a brighter palate, but Gomora is pretty similar to Taichi's friend.

This revelation isn't a new one, but the return of Digimon Adventure has helped publicize it. The anime's original fans are old enough now to understand how Greymon and Digimon as a whole pay homage to kaiju. In the same way Pokemon riffed of Godzilla, Digimon Adventure did the same, and Greymon may be one of its biggest tributes!


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