Godzilla Creators Say More Animated Projects Are "Absolutely" Coming

Godzilla has had a busy year in 2019. After a long delay, the kaiju returned to U.S. theaters thanks to the release of Godzilla: King of the Monsters. With a comic book tie-in and anime under its belt, the franchise has found itself expanding in new ways over the last year, and the studio behind the kaiju has no plans to stifle Godzilla.

As it turns out, Toho Studios has big plans in store for Godzilla, and some of them include anime once more.

Recently, Toho Studios made an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con, and it was there Hidden Remote (via Gormaru) spoke to Akito Takahashi. It was there the Toho Studios representative opened up about Godzilla’s future, and they said the franchise is not done with animated pursuits just yet.

When Takahashi was asked if more animated movies will be released similarly to Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters, he admitted the following:

“Not specific to that series of movies, but as far as the animation format goes, absolutely. We believe there’ll be some exciting content around that as well.

We’re not quite sure if the next installment will be a sequel to the trilogy currently streaming on Netflix, there’ll probably be a different type of story within the animation format."


For those who have been on Netflix as of late, you may have seen Godzilla’s most recent animated venture on the site. Not long ago, Toho Studios created an entirely 3DCG film trilogy for Godzilla which was set in the distant future. After Earth was ravaged by Godzilla, humanity was forced into space, but a group of soldiers returned to their home planet to see if it could be retaken. The outlandish story fit in well with the Godzilla mythos, but its lackluster animation and plot fell flat with fans. Now, those same netizens are hoping Toho Studios can redeem itself with a new Godzilla anime somewhere down the line.

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