Godzilla Minus One Breaks Box Office Records With Japanese Opening

Godzilla Minus One is now live in Japan, and the movie's opening has broken box office records overseas.

There is no denying the power of Godzilla. For decades now, the monster has dominated the big screen, and his reputation is only growing. While the world waits on the next MonsterVerse flick, Japan is stepping up with its own Godzilla movie, and it seems like Godzilla Minus One is absolutely crushing the box office.

The update comes courtesy of Toho Company as the distributor confirmed the opening box office total for Godzilla Minus One. It was there fans learned the movie raked in nearly $7 million USD in its first three days. With 640,000 tickets sold, Godzilla Minus One outsold Shin Godzilla's opening circa 2016.

And if you look at Godzilla as a whole, well – this new movie opening becomes even more impressive. Godzilla Minus One earned $3 million on its opening day alone. This total marks the biggest opening day for any Godzilla film to date including the MonsterVerse. The opening of Godzilla Minus One was 3x higher than the opening of Godzilla vs Kong, and it also managed to overcome the opening day total for the MonsterVerse's other Godzilla flicks.

As you can imagine, this show of force proves Godzilla Minus One has plenty of momentum behind it. Reviews for Godzilla Minus One have been live in Japan for weeks now, and critics were quick to praise the epic kaiju flick. Over in the United States, fans are awaiting the launch of Godzilla Minus One. The film is set to debut stateside in early December, and so far, directors like Gareth Edwards have been nothing but complimentary towards the movie.

If you are not familiar with Godzilla Minus One, the movie is directed Takashi Yamazaki. Set in a post-World War II Japan, this new film follows the nation has it tries to heal in the wake of combat. Things get complicated when Godzilla arrives off the coast and begins terrorizing the public. So if you are ready to see Godzilla go back to his roots, Godzilla Minus One will launch in U.S. theaters starting December 1st.

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