Resurfaced Godzilla Film Goes Viral for One Fan Playing All the Parts

We've been waiting for the final part of Legendary's Monsterverse quadrilogy, Godzilla vs. Kong, [...]

We've been waiting for the final part of Legendary's Monsterverse quadrilogy, Godzilla vs. Kong, for quite some time. Initially scheduled for a release this March before being moved to a Fall 2020 release (and potentially even more so if delays over the coronavirus pandemic continues into late in the year), there's been a hunger for more of the Godzilla films ever since King of the Monsters released. But as it turns out, this has been a problem fans of the famous kaiju for several decades now as they continue to wait for the next big film of the franchise.

A fan film featuring the Kaiju from the 1990s has resurfaced online, and has gone viral among fans of the famous kaiju for featuring a single actor playing all of the roles. Even more hilariously, the actor not only continues to wear the same suit for each part but even takes on the roles of inanimate objects such as the electrical pylons as well. You can check it out in the video above:

This fan film was crafted by a student at Osaka Art University named Shinya Takeshita and sees Toho's Kaiju taking on the crew from a famous Japanese drama, Mito Komon. Takeshita not only plays Godzilla but all of the Mito Komon characters, trees, and everything else you can think of. It's the type of project that gets oddly even more compelling as it rolls on.

Godzilla vs. Kong is currently on track for a release later this year if everything holds together, but now it's got quite the peak to climb over thanks to this fan film. Sure the film is going to have all sorts of kaiju battling it out (as seen through the first photos of the official merchandise for the film), but since it's not a giant man in a business suit it's already lost the war. But what do you think?

Which kaiju would be perfect for a hilarious take like this? Is this film going to be better than the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong? Which franchise would you be willing to play all the characters for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!