Godzilla vs Kong Teaser Reveals a Brand-New Titan

Godzilla vs Kong is set to go live in a week's time here in the United States, and fans are very [...]

Godzilla vs Kong is set to go live in a week's time here in the United States, and fans are very much ready to watch the blockbuster. As movie theaters continue their slow-roll openings, all eyes are on the movie to see how it fares amidst the pandemic. Of course, MonsterVerse fans want to see how their favorite monsters are doing these days, and Godzilla seems to have been busy. After all, the kaiju had to fight a gnarly titan during his hiatus, and fans just got a look at the foe in a new promo.

The update comes courtesy of Godzilla Dominion, an upcoming graphic novel meant to set up Godzilla vs Kong. The prequel is set after Godzilla: King of the Monsters, so the kaiju has cemented his place as an alpha titan here on Earth. But as you can see below, a new kaiju shows up from the sea to challenge our favorite monster.

Godzilla Dominion gives the new titan a serpent design as far as we can see now. The best has glowing yellow eyes and a wide jaw lined with teeth. Looking at his visible body, the serpent titan has fin-like appendages sprouting all over his body. Complete with scales, this yet-known beast seems to be born for the water, so Godzilla will have an interesting time fighting this surly alpha.

Of course, fans are wondering if this new monster might have roots to Godzilla's classic list of foes. Plenty of netizens have compared this kaiju to Titanosaurus, but his serpent inspiration is certainly different. Some are wondering if this beast is meant to mimic a Leviathan, and fans are admittedly down for the idea. After all, Godzilla needs something fun to fight after Ghidorah's defeat, and a Leviathan would do the job nicely.

What do you think about this new kaiju's look? Do you think Godzilla has a real challenge ahead of him with this kaiju? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.