Godzilla vs Kong Director Thanks Fans for Trailer's Success with New Video

Godzilla vs Kong just about broke the Internet with its big trailer debut, and the film has yet to [...]

Godzilla vs Kong just about broke the Internet with its big trailer debut, and the film has yet to die down online. Netizens are still obsessed with their first-look at the epic crossover which is slated to debut this spring. Of course, director Adam Wingard is thrilled by the response, and he made it known with a special message on Instagram.

Taking to social media, Wingard hit up fans with a video reel he edited on his own time. It turns out the director watched a lot of reaction videos to the Godzilla vs Kong trailer and found some gems along the way. To celebrate the trailer's success, Wingard cut a reel of his favorite fan-reactions, and he posted the video with a touching message.

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"Watching the Godzilla Vs Kong trailer blow up across the internet has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I can't thank you all enough for making the launch such a success. When directing a big movie like this it takes years off of your life," Wingard wrote.

"Its a long difficult process that sometimes feels like there is no end in sight! Just look at my beard before and after GVK, I barely had any grey hairs and now I look like f-cking Santa Clause! BUT NOTHING has rejuvenated me more than being able to watch the excitement to the trailer online in the many fan reaction videos. This is what its all about. I may not be able to enjoy this with ya'll in a cinema just yet but to see and hear the excitement in these trailer reaction videos has made this long journey worthwhile."

Clearly, Wingard was blown away by the success of the trailer. The wait for Godzilla vs Kong has been a long one given a slew of release changes and pandemic delays. Now, it seems the crossover is slated to debut this March in both theaters and HBO Max. Given how epic the trailer looks, Godzilla vs Kong might just be one of the first big hits of 2021, and this reel proves how hyped fans are for the big premiere!

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