Godzilla Meets Aliens in This Terrifying Xenomorph Makeover

Godzilla is one of the biggest monsters in Hollywood, but he is not the only one you can lean on. [...]

Godzilla is one of the biggest monsters in Hollywood, but he is not the only one you can lean on. Aside from other giants like King Kong, the industry has used countless monsters in horror films over the years, and one of the best beasts to come from that realm debuted in Aliens. After all, it is hard to beat a Xenomorph when it comes to scares, but one fan wrestled away a win after the crossed over the alien with Godzilla himself.

And as you can imagine, the entire mash-up is gnarly. There is no good way to beat Xenozilla, so if he ever shows up on your planet, you best pray something out there is able to take down this apex predator.

The artist el-grimlock drew up the stunning crossover on Deviant Art last month, and fans were quick to praise the artwork on social media. The eerie artwork shows why a Godzilla x Xenomorph combo is a bad idea, but the artist proposed a convincing way such a hybrid could come into existence.

XenoGodzilla from r/GODZILLA

"How did this happen? Well, I suppose a very young (even small) Godzilla wanted to feed on some succulent eggs in an ancient temple in Antarctica. But don't worry, Skynet will try to keep him at bay ... These things happen," el-grimlock wrote.

As you can imagine, Xenozilla is not your everyday monster. There is no telling whether Godzilla would be able to beat him outright, and that is because this hybrid has the best of both worlds. Not only does Xenozilla have the might of Godzilla but also the predatory nature of an Aliens Xenomorph. There is no denying that deadly combination, so the only hope humanity would have against it would be Mechaxenogodzilla.

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