Gundam Park Readies for 2022 Opening With New Photos

Mobile Suit Gundam is set to have a new live-action movie that will be hitting Netflix in the future thanks to director Jordan Vogt-Roberts but the franchise is still having a heavy presence in the land of its birth, Japan. With several life-sized Gundam statues being erected in the East, it seems that a new Gundam attraction is set to swing open its doors this spring, giving fans a first look at this homage to the mech franchise.  

The Gundam Park is set to open in April of this year at the LaLaport Fukuoka Shopping Center, with three major attractions being a part of this new homage to the mech franchise. The attractions themselves will be Gundam Side-F Fukuoka, Vs Park With G, and a Namco Store. Gundam Side-F Fukuoka will be a store that is set to look like a space colony from the franchise, which originally began by focusing on the war between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon. Vs Park With G is set to be an entertainment facility that will have various games for fans of the Gundam series to participate in. Finally, the Namco Store will be akin to an arcade, with more traditional gaming options for fans.

New pictures of the Gundam Park arrived thanks to Anime! Anime!, giving fans an idea of what this new homage to Mobile Suit Gundam will look like when it arrives in Fukuoka City Japan later this spring:

(Photo: Anime! Anime!)
(Photo: Anime! Anime!)
(Photo: Anime! Anime!)

Though Mobile Suit Gundam is opening this new attraction, the franchise recently saw the closing of several of its Gundam Cafes, which have been an institution in Japan for a number of years and were normally stationed near the life-sized statues. Though these shops might have closed, the series is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon as new series and films are still in the works for the popular anime mech franchise. While there are still no plans for statues to arrive in North America, the franchise is still quite popular in the West.

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Via Crunchyroll