Gundam Cafe Is Now Selling Its Curry Online to Fans

Mobile Suit: Gundam has seen the popular mech franchise appear in more places outside of the anime and manga world than we can count, with a Walking Gundam being erected in Japan and the franchise spawning a number of "Gundam Cafes" that serve food and beverages modeled after the series created by Yoshiyuki Tomino. With the Cafes unfortunately set to shutter their doors this year, and then close their last location in 2022, it seems that fans will have the opportunity to eat some of the Gundam food in their own homes via available curry. 

The curry itself, which is titled "Federation's White Guy Curry," is available for around $5.69 USD on the Premium Bandai Shop, giving fans around the globe the opportunity to try out the Gundam dish before the Cafes close their doors to the public. Focusing on both the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon, fans will be able to share their allegiance via the various currys. The Gundam Cafe has spent over a decade creating dishes, and an experience, catered specifically to fans of the long-running series, and though it certainly will bring a tear to the eyes of many a Gundam fan, at least the establishments are able to live on this way. 

The Curry has shared new images of the boxes that will house these unique food items that merge culinary treats with the popular mech franchise that has continued to explore new universes for decades since the first anime series debuted in the 1970s and introduced the war between Earth and Zeon:

(Photo: Premium Bandai)
(Photo: Premium Bandai)

Gundam as a franchise continues to pump out new series, movies, and video games spawned from the prolific story that was molded by Yoshiyuki Tomino, though the franchise has returned to the original universe that got the ball rolling via the film Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash. In the film, which takes place years following the original series' conflicts, we witness a new heir apparent to both Amuro and Char take the stage, with the first movie hitting Netflix and the second of the trilogy already in the works. 

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Via Gundam Cafe